Greenhouse Kingston

Greenhouse Kingston is a civic incubator that supports and activates collaborative initiatives to ensure our local ecosystems are thriving.

We are all experiencing rapid shifts in our social and environmental ecosystems, and recognizing that the most powerful change happens when locals come together and act. How can we ensure our communities are engaged and supported during these transitions?

Good Work Institute Fellows contribute to a thriving Hudson Valley by driving local civic engagement, increasing climate change resilience, and stewarding local economies. These actions inspired the creation of Greenhouse Kingston, a space to collectively take ownership of our shared future and commit to building the long-term impact of these initiatives.

Greenhouse Kingston invests in local initiatives through workshops, mentorship, and direct support. From public events and intensive programs to office space and funding opportunities, Greenhouse Kingston will provide a habitat for high-impact community-led innovations.

Join our network of diverse community leaders in the Hudson Valley as we all work to create living examples of a regenerative and equitable new economy.

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