Good Work Fellowship Four

The Fourth Hudson Valley Fellowship

This Fellowship ran from October 18, 2017 through March 23, 2018 and included hubs in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Hudson, and Kingston.



Sharon Burns-Leader

Bread Alone, Inc.
Sharon Burns-Leader is the co-owner of Bread Alone Bakery in the Hudson Valley. As part of her life's work with organic grains, Sharon has participated in variety selections and growing trials with Cornell University at various locations in the North East including the Farm Hub in Kingston New York. She is also on the board of the Woodstock Farm Festival in Woodstock NY where she hosted a recent fundraiser dinner 'Wasted in Woodstock' which highlighted the uglier side of food service: food waste. By using unattractive fruits and vegetables, unsold bread and lesser loved cuts of protein she and her team created a delicious meal for the attendees and helped to raise awareness of this first-world issue. She has four children, two grandchildren and lives in the Catskill Mountains.

Andrea Callan

Worker Justice Center of New York
Andrea Callan is an activist, attorney and non-profit administrator with over a decade of experience working to impact a wide range of social justice causes. Andrea is experienced in a variety of strategies to advance progressive goals, including public policy and legislative advocacy, public education and organizing, and litigation. Putting these skills to use in her local community, Andrea works at the Worker Justice Center of NY, serves on the boards of the Hudson Valley Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Selikoff Centers for Occupational Health and is a member of the Ulster Immigrant Defense Network, the Ulster County Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), and periodically canvasses with Citizen Action and Indivisible CD 19 NY. As an avid meditator, hiker, snowboarder and snowshoer, Andrea recharges in the bountiful nature of the Hudson Valley/Catskill region to remain balanced and engaged in all of her endeavors.

Sarah Carlson

Growing Films and Re/Weave Arts Collaborative Arts Space
Sarah Carlson is an artist, filmmaker, and a community engager who is passionate about excavating personal and community narratives, using her camera to create radical acts of deep listening. While on her own healing journey, Sarah created a half hour television doc, Food Deserts in a Land of Plenty, about community-based solutions to poor fresh food access in urban and rural Illinois. As an adoptee, she feels especially passionate about working with vulnerable populations. Sarah maintains balance through practicing and teaching yoga, Ayurveda, and dance. She facilitates art and community happenings at The Lace Mill artist housing community, serves on the board of the Kingston Midtown Arts District, and is currently developing a collaborative community arts center, Re/Weave Arts, where nonprofits, artists, and arts organizations can come together with community to play.

Joshua Cohen

Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) / The Foxfire Project
Joshua has 20 years of environmental experience in outreach, education, policy and research. He is Membership Services Director for the Environmental Grantmakers Association, where he implements recruitment and retention strategies, manages an Environmental Fellows Program, promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, and oversees events. He previously coordinated sustainability at The New School focused on energy, waste and water management and a green grants program, and as Brooklyn Compost Project Manager at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. He has consulted on-air research with Columbia University, NYC Mayor’s Office, and Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, and on environmental justice campaigns with US EPA and rail-trail advocacy with the National Park Service. Joshua holds an MPA, Environmental Science and Policy, Columbia University, and a BA, Environmental Science and Visual Arts, Hampshire College. He is developing a queer family camp in Greene County as a place for community, healing through nature, and mentoring.

Corene Concepcion-Rivera

Mid-Hudson Heritage Center and O+ Poughkeepsie
Working in the Arts community in Poughkeepsie has given me the motivation, tools, and passion to continue the work of revitalizing our Queen City. The momentum is now, and the conversation calls for a renewed spirit in which to organize our thoughts into action. Whether this takes the form of collaborative programming, bringing forth new ideas into action, or maintaining valuable community relationships, the time for change is now. The experiences and community members I have had the great pleasure in working with and learning from has allowed me to further my thoughts and be a visionary in helping to bring about this change.

Beth Davenport

Stockade Works
Beth is a transmedia strategist and storyteller with over fifteen years of experience in non-profits, documentary film, commercial production, post, and digital strategy. Her passion is using media and technology to create a positive impact on society. Beth has led departments, launched digital platforms, and has implemented crowdsourcing and audience engagement campaigns. She has directed and produced documentary films and commercials for BBC, Sundance Channel, PBS, NBC, Arte France, among others. Beth has worked in non-profit management in New York City and the Hudson Valley and brings over 15 years of non-profit experience to this position. Beth believes that creating an entertainment and technology ecosystem with access for all will transform the Hudson Valley economically and position it as a leader in social innovation.

Bruna De Araujo

The Orchard
At 22, I packed my stuff including an old Bolex film camera in two oversized suitcases and jetted over from São Paulo, Brazil to New York City of Dreams to study Cinema and take a shot at a career in Cinematography. Years of hard work paid off with awards, connections and the burning desire to be my own boss. I spent a decade navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and stresses of urban living, only slowing down to become a mother. After the baby was born, my husband Andrew and I felt the uncontrollable urge to return to the best memories of our childhood made of space, trees, birds & bees and farm-fresh, local food. So we packed our little family and headed upstate to the magical Hudson River Valley. Currently I own and operate Homestead 33 - home of the Barn in Tivoli and the Modern-Boho Cottage, two unique vacation getaways in Tivoli, NY. We are also planning to transform a 100 year old orchard into a Regenerative Home Development rooted in sustainability, community & apples.

Angela DeFelice

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers
Angela is Founder/Flower Grower of Rock Steady Farm & Flowers, a woman owned worker cooperative in the Hudson Valley. Rock Steady provides sustainably grown vegetables and cut flowers to CSA members, restaurants, stores and designers from the Berkshires to Brooklyn, and partners with various non-profit organizations to bring fresh produce to low income residents in Dutchess County. Angela studied Ecological Horticulture at the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz, and Non-Profit Administration at Ithaca College. She has previously worked on affordable housing issues, food access, and as an advocate for survivors of interpersonal violence. She also managed a small non-profit in Ocotal, Nicaragua. Angela continues to draw inspiration from agriculture’s relationship with cultural tradition, rebuilding a shared sense of place and community, environmental justice and growing local economies.

Lisa Dudley

Steinbrenner Music
I am a singer/songwriter with a mission to sing people through their grief. It's "spirit country"-- folk music with a bluegrass beat. We sing angel songs, power songs, even a heart transplant song -- for soldiers and veterans and those with broken hearts. If people sing along and cry -- or they stomp their feet and cheer -- then we’ve done our job.

Caroline Fenner

Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance
Caroline Fenner is a former middle school English teacher and is currently the Director of the Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance. Caroline worked in film and television production in New York City before receiving her M.A. in the Teaching of English at Teachers College, Columbia University and working as a teacher for the New York City Department of Education. After 13 years of living in New York City, Caroline moved to Poughkeepsie in 2012 to have two children and live in the beautiful Hudson Valley. In 2016, Caroline became politically active and helped form the Dutchess County Progressive Action Alliance in order to inspire and mobilize the people of Dutchess County towards sustained political activism in order to promote progressive agendas at all levels of government.

Liz Ferrara

I studied fine art at SUNY New Paltz. After establishing and growing a successful photography studio, I made a change and returned to my first love of jewelry design and fabrication.? I am a metalsmith primarily, but I also dabble in stones, beads, leather, resin, clay, and anything else I find laying around that can be up-cycled and incorporated into my handmade jewelry. I own reMADE, a store in Beacon, NY which showcases handmade goods from local, Hudson Valley maker, craftspeople, and artists. I was raised in the Hudson Valley and have lived here for most of my life. I'm raising my children here now with a healthy dose of sarcasm and hiking.

Angel Fonseca

Rooted To Rise Media/Not Your Parents Marketing
Angel Fonseca, better known as Angel Gates, grew up in the South Bronx before moving to the Hudson Valley. Growing up in NYC he was able to experience the rich culture that exists within the boroughs' unique melting pot. His hope is to bring the diverse people of the Hudson Valley together into communal spaces to share ideas and help the community grow. He wants his daughter to experience the rich collaboration that happens when people from all walks of life come together to share ways of thinking. Angel is a passionate filmmaker and content creator for individuals, organizations, and businesses both within the Hudson Valley and the metropolitan area. With many years of experience in the music industry Angel has an eye, and ear, for quality creative content.

Enid Futterman

Imby, Inc.
Enid Futterman has worked advertising, musical theater, fiction, and journalism, often concurrently. She is presently co-founder/editorial director of IMBY, a network of hyperlocal websites for building community with citizen journalism and social networking. IMBY (in my back yard) evolved from OURTOWN, a much loved local print quarterly she co-published and edited for nine years. IMBY is an effort to continue the good work of community building while also succeeding as a business. In advertising, Enid wrote “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”. In musical theater, the libretto, based on Anne Frank’s diaries, for "Yours, Anne, and book and lyrics, based on Robert Nathan's novella, for “Portrait of Jennie”. In fiction, “Bittersweet Journey, a modestly erotic novel of love, longing and chocolate”. All her work is aimed at restoring the balance between the masculine and feminine principles. She lives in Claverack with John Isaacs, her partner in good work.

Jim Gibbons

Hudson Valley Rising
In a career that has spanned three decades, Jim Gibbons has had a hands-on role in the technological evolution of community story-telling - serving in virtually every role imaginable in the multi-media publishing industry. Starting as a news reporter in 1989, his career has evolved into publishing general management roles - eventually owning and operating multi-media companies specializing in niche print and digital publications and marketing solutions for communities throughout the northeast. Since relocating with his family to the Hudson Valley in late 2001, Jim has enjoyed reviving and inventing community publications. His relationship with the Hudson Valley began as Group Publisher of Taconic Press Media. In 2003 Jim became an owner at Pulse Communications – serving as president and managing partner from 2003-2007. As president of Rising Tide Communications since August 2007, Jim has continued his support of community development and community story-telling through myriad local print and digital publications.

Javier Gomez

United Way/ESPRI
Javier is a recent graduate of Marist College with a BA in Political Science, and is currently serving as an Americorps VISTA with the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative in Newburgh. In college, he worked as the Community Based Learning Coordinator at the Marist Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership, and was an intern with the Middle Main Initiative in Poughkeepsie and the Mayor’s Office of Poughkeepsie. These experiences sparked a deep interest within him for community and economic development. He also completed a minor in Digital Media Production, and in his free time, Javier is continuing to develop skills in video and audio production. His dream would be to find a way to use his passion for visual storytelling to serve and support communities in a sustainable way.

Julie Gutierrez

Oakwood Friends School
Julie Gutierrez is a youth advocacy program founder, NYU and Hunter College alumna, former Capitol Hill staffer and Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs at Oakwood Friends School. Her combined interests in teen empowerment, political advocacy and arts activism led her to create the Summer Youth Advocacy Program, a free, two week residential program for racially diverse, economically disadvantaged teens from the Hudson Valley and NYC. Now in its 15th year, the program empowers young people by teaching them the tools of advocacy through the arts and fostering an early interest in and commitment to civic participation. Julie does this work because she is passionate about connecting young people to opportunities to create positive change in their communities. When she has (rare!) free time from her two rambunctious, lovable boys, Julie enjoys gardening, cooking with friends and enjoying all that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Lisa Hall

Marbled Meat Shop & Stock Up
Lisa Hall is an NYC public school teacher and literacy professional-turned small business owner. She works with her team to run both Marbled Meat Shop in Philipstown and Stock Up in Beacon. Both butcher shop and deli/cafe focus on supporting NY farmers, bakers and artists. Lisa hopes to expand her connections across the valley, and to create more access to Hudson Valley products through the expansion of Stock Up and Marbled's wholesale production. Lisa dreams of creating a balance of business and education, opening up her spaces to adolescent and adult programs that will focus on the history and politics of food.

Shawn Harrison

Mudita Yoga Lab
My work is in being mindful. My interest is in self-awareness. From this place of presence, the parts of me that I admire can shine and the parts of me that aren’t so sparkly have their place too. I believe, my (and everyone’s) true self is pure loving-kindness. All of the practice, study and teaching that I engage in is to this end - knowing my true self. This is what I have to share in my yoga classes - my imperfect self, my shiny self, and my dedication to working with and exploring all aspects of yoga. My teaching is informed by my ongoing daily yoga practice and continuous study in the field of health and wellness. I completed study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. From there, I trained at Sivanada Ashram and Osho Meditation Center in India. I spent 4 years at Ananda Ashram; immersed in study and beginning to teach yoga. In 2008 I co-founded Mudita. Recently, I completed a year of Yoga Anataomy study and became certified as a Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Teacher. I also spend some time each year on silent meditation retreat with my teacher, meditation master, Shiva Rudra Balayogi.

Ethan Harrison

Ethan Harrison Photography
Ethan Harrison is a Beacon-based documentary & editorial photographer. His journalistic style brings an interesting edge to his work, allowing for a story to unfold comfortably and naturally. From advertising campaigns to festivals & weddings, Ethan delivers an authentic & clean aesthetic. Having grown up in the Hudson Valley, Ethan is committed to telling the stories of the people and projects that bring life to the valley. Over the course of four years, Ethan was farming throughout Dutchess county while growing his photography business. At the beginning of 2017, Ethan took the leap into photography as a full-time career.

Susan Hereth

Kingston YMCA Farm Project
Susan Hereth is, at heart and in practice, an experiential and place-based educator. She has carried the love of hands-on learning in the natural world with her throughout her career. Susan is the Education Director at the Kingston YMCA Farm Project with a focus on youth development. She is also the Internship Coordinator for the Geography Department at SUNY New Paltz. Susan earned a BA in Geography from SUNY New Paltz and an MS in education from SUNY Albany with a focus on curriculum design. In 2010 she received an EPA Environmental Quality Award, the highest recognition given to the public, for her work as Scenic Hudson’s Education Coordinator. And, she keeps bees.

Chris Hewitt

Hudson Valley Current
Chris Hewitt is the executive director of the Hudson Valley Current, a digital local currency for the mid-Hudson Valley that guarantees that our money stays local. As a co-founder of the nonprofit project, Hewitt has helped grow the membership in the barter exchange to over 250 members that have exchanged over 200,000 Currents since January 2014. He launched the monthly newspaper Country Wisdom News—age-old and modern thoughts on community, land and home—in August 2010, which is now a nonprofit educational component of the Hudson Valley Current. Country Wisdom News, with its new economy insert (Livelihood magazine), reaches over 30,000 readers in Ulster and Dutchess counties each month. Hewitt created a third project of the HV Current—the Satisfy Hunger campaign, a local food security initiative—in July 2016. Chris Hewitt studied Professional & Technical Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology with a focus on printing, publishing and journalism.

Beth Kapps

Dog Foodie
Beth is the owner of a small business, Dog Foodie - a snack company that makes granola for people, with dog friendly ingredients. Originally from Long Island, Beth has recently relocated with her husband to the Catskills after having enjoyed 23 years working for a large retailer, mainly in human resources. Her business has been her passion for many years, and since relocating, she is pursuing it full-time. That passion for her small business has led Beth to connect with local farmers and other businesses to establish the Food Rescue US program in Delaware County as well as other initiatives that support the growth and flourishing of communities in the Catskills.

Ellie Kassner

W.H. Kassner, Inc.
Ellie Kassner is the third-generation owner of W.H. Kassner, Inc., a commercial ironworking company that specializes in the custom fabrication of stairs, railings, platforms and more. While running the business, she received her Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Ethical Leadership from Marist College, and before becoming involved she received her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Women’s Studies and a minor in Business Management from Skidmore College. Ellie currently serves as the President of the Board of Trustees at Tomkins Cove Public Library and sits as a trustee for the Ramapo Catskill Library System, a business advisory board member of the Palisades Institute and a mentor for New York City Small Business Services’ Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WENYC) Program. Personally, as a lifelong Hudson Valley resident, Ellie is excited to be involved with a program focused on revitalizing and sharing her home.

Jessica Kerr

Woodstock Public Library District
I am a librarian, an assistant to those seeking knowledge, a supporter of self-education, and free and accessible information. I am a library director, running a library that has deep roots in our community, connecting people and resources, helping people to enrich their lives, and trying to keep our community growing. I am a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, lover, and neighbor. I am a caretaker of rabbits and cats, lover of sunshine, reading, hammocks, my convertible, beaches, mountains, and beautiful blue/green spaces. I believe we can all be better working together. I believe that libraries are places that create great community strength, and individual opportunities. Libraries are integral to creating sustainable and resilient communities.

Phoebe Lain

Kezialain Farm
Phoebe has deep roots in the Hudson Valley. She was raised on her family’s farm that has been in her family since before the creation of this country. Phoebe comes from a family that knows that they are just caretakers of the land, and with that comes a great reverence and respect for the earth. That is such a foundation of who she is and her vision for her life and service in the world. She moved away after high school, and during her 17 years away, she completed a Bachelors degree in communications, explored different areas of work, with a main focus in alternative education, and explored the world. Phoebe recently moved back to her family’s farm, and she, along with her siblings and father, are ready to start creating the next evolution of the farm. Their vision is to have events and education that focus on farm, food and nature.

Vanessa Lawson

Boys & Girls Clubs of Ulster County
Vanessa Lawson is a versatile, high energy, caring human being who enjoys collaborating, facilitating and educating. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Mount Saint Mary College through a New York State opportunity program and went on to graduate school to receive a Masters of Science degree in Forensic Psychology. She has a unique skill set developed through her experiences as a college athlete and coach, residential case worker, paraprofessional, federal correctional officer, higher education academic counselor, and program director. Through her professional journey, she has developed a high sense of commitment to help build and give back to her home community, Kingston, NY. She is beginning to foster her passion for social justice and education through giving young people opportunities to grow within the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ulster County and through her involvement in the LGBTQ Community for Racial Justice organization.

Dara Lurie

Transformative Writing Solutions
Dara Lurie has a B.A. in Film and Theater from Vassar College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College. Dara is an author, workshop leader and book-coach with over fourteen years experience designing and facilitating creative writing programs. In addition to teaching workshops and online programs, Dara also leads writing retreats in various locations such as Key West and Costa Rica. In the mid-1980’s, Dara moved to Berlin, West Germany, where she tended bar, wrote and performed in theater while living in different communities of squatters, Green Party activists, journalists, teachers and social workers. Her first book, Great Space of Desire: Writing for Personal Evolution, is a memoir and creative workbook which she self-published in 2011. She’s currently working on a new book exploring stories from her years living in Berlin before, during and after the Wall.

Mary Jane Nusbaum

Wild Earth
Mary Jane is a Program Coordinator for Wild Earth Wilderness School in High Falls, NY where she started a nature-based art program in 2012. She is a NYS Certified art teacher who has taught in public and private settings for over 15 years. She received her Masters in Printmaking from SUNY New Paltz and had additional art and teacher training at Lincoln Center, NYC , Middlesex Polytechnic, London and Bates Worldwide, Budapest. She also co-founded From the Ground Up, A Wellness Program with its Roots in the Garden, in Stone Ridge, NY. She loves traveling to experience world cultures and has a passion for bringing art and place-based nature experiences to children in the Hudson Valley, including her own two teenage boys.

Susan Paykin

One Nature
Susan Paykin is a farmer, educator and activist. Residing along the Hudson River in Beacon, NY, Susan believes in strengthening our local food system and policies to be catalysts for positive change. Susan moved to the Hudson Valley in 2014 to pursue her farming career. She managed non-profit community organization Common Ground Farm from 2015 to 2017, where she directed farm production, community partnerships and social justice programming. Susan is a community justice organizer with the Beacon Hebrew Alliance, helping to bring interfaith and social justice work to the forefront of the progressive Jewish community in the Hudson Valley. A graduate of Brandeis University, Susan loves cooking, hiking, traveling and learning new languages.

Franky Perez

Poughkeepsie City School District
In the early 1960's, my parents migrated from the Dominican Republic to Brooklyn, where I was born and raised. I am the youngest of nine children and the first in my family to earn a Master's Degree. I am a high spirited, charismatic, enthusiastic counselor in the Poughkeepsie City School District. I have been very committed to making a difference in the lives of young people. I organize and work with projects that empower and help them strive to succeed. I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle. I am an active member of my school health and wellness committee and my union's social and wellness committees. Recently I developed and executed the plan of a garden at our middle school. I consider myself an environmentalist, nature lover, and an avid gardener. I also enjoy many outdoor activities and learning from the world around me.

Emily Puthoff

Hudson Valley Bee Habitat
Emily Puthoff accidentally fell in love with bees and took up beekeeping as few years ago. Bees helped her rediscover the beauty and wonder of nature and inspired her to leverage her skills as an artist and educator to help save them. In 2016, Emily co-founded the Hudson Valley Bee Habitat, a collective of three female artists committed to pollinating engagement with nature and inspiring stewardship of bees through the arts and mindful arts programming. HVBH’s flagship project is the Kingston Bee-Line, a series of artist + community designed solitary bee habitats as public art, pollinator gardens, and art + environmental programming along the Greenline, an emerging network of urban rail trails in Kingston, NY. Emily is a social-sculptor, Associate Professor of Sculpture at SUNY New Paltz, 2016-2017 National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow, and frequent dog-walker in Kingston’s Rondout neighborhood.

Sarah A. Salem

Dutchess Outreach
Sarah A. Salem is a systems thinker with a passion for equitable and sustainable development and in finding solutions that benefit the whole, rather than any one part. Sarah comes from a diverse background with experience in development, farming, start-ups, finance, community organizing, and the retail environment, which lends to her transdisciplinary approach to work and learning. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, Sarah has developed a strong affinity towards the community and in making the City of Poughkeepsie and the Greater Hudson Valley a more desirable place to live, work, and play, now and for years to come, for current and future residents.

Ben Schulman

Small Change
Ben Schulman is a writer and editor with a focus on architecture, urban planning and policy. His work has appeared in The Atlantic's CityLab, ARCHITECT Magazine, Belt Magazine, ICON Magazine, Metropolis Magazine, New Geography, Streetsblog, and numerous others. He's served as the editor of Chicago Architect magazine, as well the Design section of Newcity Chicago, and was the co-host of the "A Lot You Got to Holler" podcast on architecture, design and urbanism. Previously, Ben was the communications director for the urban think-tank, the Congress for the New Urbanism. Currently, he works with Small Change, a real estate equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors to developers dedicated to building better cities. When not writing about cities, Schulman helps head the Contraphonic Sound Series, an attempt to document cities through sound.

Amy Short

Drug War Memorial Project
Alchemical Entrepreneur and Baltimore native, Amy Short expresses her highest good and feels her happiest when working to create, shape, shepherd, and sustain participatory communities that engender personal and societal transformation. Amy’s vision of collective social impact includes her work through 2015 founding and growing NYC Social, a friend factory for young professionals in New York City that worked to eradicate loneliness, touched over 20,000 lives annually, and was featured in the New York Times and on Good Morning America. Amy also spent several years as volunteer facilitator of the life-changing Opening the Heart workshop and is currently working to establish a Drug War Memorial. You can find Amy at the Stockade games in Kingston, in the dust of Black Rock City, tending to her backyard garden, wandering the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, Portugal, engaging area entrepreneurs through the Hudson Valley Startup Fund, and zooming around the Catskill mountains on her vintage Honda motorcycle.

Lorna Thompson

Poughkeepsie Pop-Up Shop
I found the City of Poughkeepsie decades ago when I took my first job as an educator in the Hudson Valley. I have lived here ever since! I came to a career in education after I was in the Peace Corps where I learned that education was a human right that not all people enjoyed equally. As a teacher, middle/high school principal and as a college professor, I have worked to share the importance of education and the curiosity it brings with it to all I encounter. Today, I am involved in the arts and community development projects in the City of Poughkeepsie with Hudson River Housing’s Middle Main initiative. I enjoy everything outside- skiing, hiking, biking, running, as well as sitting by a fire with a good book inside.

Margaret Verghese

United Stations Radio Networks and South Manor
Margaret Verghese started out in radio as just a teenager working in the Washington, DC market for Bonneville Broadcasting’s WWZZ-FM (Z-104) when that station was a Top 40 outlet. Margaret moved to New York to pursue making an impact in the national media landscape and landed at United Stations Radio Networks in an administrative role. She then joined the USRN comedy department in an affiliate services role during which she worked closely with radio stations in the creation of morning show content. Her abilities in understanding the needs of local radio stations, particularly morning shows, helped her rise to the head of USRN’s Pulse Content division which provides prep services for affiliates as well as their digital platforms. In 2013, she rose to her current position in which she oversees the development and production of all the company’s Comedy and Prep services. Margaret has also been named as one of Radio Ink Magazine’s Most Influential Women in Radio for the past five years.

Maria Vigna

Earth Designs Cooperative
A lifelong student of horticulture, ecological anthropology, and subsistence economics, Maria has worked and studied in gardens, organic farms and sustainability projects around the world. She was born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York and continues to pursue environmental stewardship as a co-owner of Earth Designs Cooperative, a worker-owned landscaping cooperative based in Rosendale, New York. Maria holds a degree in Anthropology from SUNY New Paltz, is an avid rock climber & sailor, and currently lives in Accord with her partner, two dogs, two cats, and 50,000 honeybees.

Julia Wilson

Hudson Healing Arts
Dr. Julia Wilson stands for a world in which we put more energy into our health rather than recovering from disease; where we look beyond pain to the creation of health; where we tend to the maintenance of our physical form in combination with our mental and spiritual form; where we wake in the morning in pursuit of love, connection and living a life in alignment within our bodies and values. She practices in Hudson and Kingston, and particularly works with prenatal and pediatric patients and their families. She studied pre-med at Cornell University, and Chiropractic at the University of Western States Health Science. She has two elementary school children, lives in Kingston NY, and can often be found sailing boats on the Hudson River.

Rebecca Wolff

Fence Magazine, Inc.
Rebecca Wolff is a writer, editor, publisher, and parent living in the Hudson Valley since 2005. She is the author of four books of poetry and one novel. She founded the literary journal and press called Fence in 1998; since 2007 Fence has been housed at the University at Albany, where she is a Fellow at the New York State Writers Institute. Wolff is also a founder of Affordable Housing Hudson (AHH).