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Eldering Through Relational Wisdom

Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY

Wild Earth, Good Work Institute, and the Conscious Eldering Network invite you…

Join us for a 3-day retreat where we will explore the role of the elder in relationship with the wisdom of all generations.

Join an age-diverse group of up to 30 participants at Lifebridge Santuary in the Hudson Valley as we explore the wisdom expressed throughout all of our generations.

During the three-day retreat we will:

  • Discover the unique opportunities that each life stage can contribute
  • Explore elderhood from various cultures and traditions
  • Navigate the role of younger people in wisdom reciprocity and learning exchange with our elders
  • Chart a future in collaboration that is inclusive of hindsight, insight, and foresight with the aim of enhancing wellbeing for all
  • Develop mutual respect and an understanding of fair exchange in our intergenerational relationships and in society today

The retreat design is a fluid formation of large and small circle dialogue, group work specific to each generation, opportunities for movement, time on the land, music, poetry, and engaging in universal ritual practices. All this in service of deepening our self-awareness, sense of belonging, and our relationship to our communities and the world.

Who should Attend:

People of all ages are encouraged to attend the retreat. We will gather as a community to explore wisdom consciously and compassionately expressed throughout all of our generations.

Though it is not required to attend in pairs or groups, we encourage each attendee to consider reaching out to an elder, or someone more junior/younger, to deepen in reciprocal wisdom together during the retreat.



“In a culture that has not lived much beyond its adolescence, we can’t expect to receive a mature recognition of the value of aging, nor an honoring of the essential contribution of a vital elderhood to human society.

Those called to live into a fulfilling and generative elderhood must consciously recognize and claim the power and nobility of this life stage for ourselves.

And we must do so in good relation to our own past and to the younger generations we create life with. This, as in all sustainable endeavors, takes a village.”
– Joseph Jastrab

In partnership and hosted by:

Good Work Institute, Wild Earth, Conscious Elders Network, and Sage Arts.