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Retreat: Towards A Council of All Beings

July 20 – 23, 2017 , Westbrookville, NY

11:00 am Arrival Thursday // and 2:00 Departure Sunday

Disconnect to reconnect!

Join a group of adventurous, committed people for a ceremonial weekend of wild exploration and radical expression in service of the healing of our world.  In this time of great transition, with so much at stake, we are being called to take out all the stops and share our greatest potential in service of life on Earth. In order to access this power with due focus and authenticity, we must take time to disconnect from the distractions of our overly busy lives and reconnect with what we are striving to protect.   

When we remember our interdependence with the Web of Life, giving voice to our authentic response to the suffering of our world, we discover the depth of our strength, compassion and gratitude ~ qualities that are essential for the healing of our world. When we put this awareness into practice, our worldview shifts from one of isolation to one of interconnectedness. From this empowered perspective, we can cultivate new levels of courage and commitment to continue to work together towards a regenerative future.

During this 4-day retreat, we will immerse ourselves as fully as possible in the beauty of the natural world. We will slow down, begin to move at nature’s pace, and allow the ancient wisdom and interdependence of life to amplify, as we rest, reconnect, and renew.

This retreat will incorporate The Work That Reconnects, a body of work developed by Buddhist scholar and eco-philosopher Joanna Macy.  First developed in the late 1970’s, The Work That Reconnects is a deeply creative, embodied approach to transformative education that is growing rapidly in popularity and application.

The Council of All Beings is a core ritual and practice of the Work.  Through the power of our moral imaginations, the experience invites us to step aside from our human identities and allow other life forms to express themselves through us.  Supported by one another and the vast, other than human world, we are able to open ourselves freely to the truth of what all life is facing and express ourselves authentically and meaningfully in a safe and supportive environment.

This retreat will be a rustic immersion, please expect to camp outside and come prepared with or arrange with us to rent the appropriate gear.

All meals during your stay will be provided and made fresh from local produce on site.

Scholarships and limited lodging opportunities are available, please inquire directly to Grace Lodge


Emily Ryan, MSc is a transformative educator and a senior facilitator of The Work That Reconnects.

Matt Stinchcomb is the Executive Director of the Good Work Institute.


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