Our mission is to cultivate the skills, wisdom, and connections we all need to work in ways that regenerate our lives, our communities, and the Earth.

We all work. We work as business owners, community volunteers, employees in large companies, or leaders at not-for-profit corporations… We work as parents, caregivers, or artists. The world is shaped by the consequences of the actions we take, or, put another way, the work we do each day.

We believe that the way many of us work does not fully account for the harm we are causing ourselves, our loved ones, our employees, our neighbors, or our planet. By putting financial gain above all else, we are in different ways and by varying degree, contributing to ecological destruction, inequality, and social injustice. Yet still, we seem unable to stop and do something radically different.

We believe that we must cultivate new ideas of what it means to be successful and develop new ways of knowing and honoring ourselves, the natural world, and all the people in our communities. In short, we must begin to do good work.

Good Work…

honors nature. It recognizes our inter-being with the natural world, and aims to make our places better than they would be without it.

connects us. It forms and strengthens relationships, and helps us overcome our self-centeredness and separation.  It is collaborative, not competitive

nourishes us. Our work is not just about earning money. It shapes who we are and is how we express ourselves in the world. Good work engages our full mental, physical, and spiritual faculties, confers joy, and inspires.

embodies integrity. It offers products and services that are worthwhile and of ethical and structural integrity. Good work has no secrets, as it has nothing to hide and much to share.

is equitable. Certain people have been unfairly victimized and disadvantaged by much bad work. Good work recognizes and aims to right these transgressions.

grows appropriately.  It is aware of its impacts, and grows only in ways that create benefit for all the people and places it touches.

stays open. It recognizes that not everything can, nor will ever be known, and there is no one right way to do thing.  Good work is unattached and leaves much room for what emerges.