We believe that we are at a critical moment in time. An economic system fueled by insatiable greed and growth has left our communities to struggle with ecological devastation, financial inequality, emotional despair, and social injustice. At the same moment, we feel there is much reason for hope. More than ever, we see people coming together in their places and doing the good work to build a future that honors people and the planet.

Founded in mid-2015, The Good Work Institute runs educational programs and enterprise support services that aim to assist these local community members and their organizations as they turn their aspirations for a better tomorrow into specific actions taken on behalf of the people and places of the Hudson Valley.

Our mission is to educate and connect a network of local community members and to actively support their collaborative efforts to regenerate their places.


The Good Work Institute is a 501(c)(3), non profit organization.

We rely on your financial support to keep our programs running.

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